Talking Points: ULM's New Recruits

Talking Points: ULM's New Recruits

Coach Todd Berry offers his thought on every player in the 2011 ULM signing class.

ULM football coach Todd Berry provided commentary for each signee during his National Signing Day show-and-tell session. Warhawk Nation was there to collect Berry's take on the latest additons to the roster.

QB Brayle Brown (6-1, 180) Shawnee HS/Shawnee, Okla.

Berry: We're really excited about Brayle. He's a coach's son and a very, very dedicated athlete. Actually ended up playing a significant time at receiver this year because he tore the rotator cuff in his throwing shoulder. He couldn't hurt it any more but it made it difficult to throw. He made all-state at receiver. He has a nice quick release.

RB Tyler Cain (5-8, 180) West Monroe HS/West Monroe, La.

Berry: "He fits the need as far as a slot-type receiver. I think that's what most everybody was recruiting him for in college. A great young man. He kind of runs like Frank Goodin a little bit. I told Frank that and he said, ‘No, he's better than I am.' Tyler agreed too, by the way."

QB Earnest Carrington (6-1, 203) Atascocita HS/Humble, Texas

Berry: "He goes by Chazz, which is what he'll be called by his teammates. I think you're going to see another athletic quarterback with a fast release. He's a creative athlete who knows when to make the throw. (as the highlight film shows Carrington darting up the middle on a keeper) We'll have to put the quarterback sneak in for him."

WR Rashon Ceaser (6-0, 170) East Feliciana HS/Clinton, La.

Berry: "He has really great ball skills and is a great young man. He's a really engaging young man who's a joy to be around. You like when the ball's in the air and guys go get balls."

P Caleb Gammel (6-3, 174) Buckeye HS/Pineville, La.

Berry: "Aaron Munoz did a really nice job for us last year having never been a punter before. We wanted to make sure we got both the punter and kicker taken care of. He was an elite 11 at his position. We're excited about Caleb, who is a legacy here. His dad played college football here at ULM. (as the highlight tape shows an errant snap) Caleb is going to be real excited about having an accurate snapper too. It's hard to get into a rhythm sometimes as a punter when you're not sure where the snap's going. Caleb was at our camp and has a tremendously strong leg. He's all of 6-3, so it's going to be hard to snap one over his head. I like the fact that Caleb played receiver. He's actually a football player."

DL Joey Gautney (6-2, 250) Whitehouse HS/Whitehouse, Texas

Berry: "This guy is a really good looking young man. We're excited, not just about where he's at right now but what he's going to look like. He's got an opportunity to be a really big athlete when it's all said and done. Another good student. Joey has great intensity. He's into some of the ultimate fighting type things and that type of stuff."

WR Justin Ginyard (6-0, 200) Ouachita Parish HS/Monroe, La.

Berry: "In terms of what we do offensively, he is a great fit. He has really excellent ball skills. Was in our camp. I think one of the things that set him over the top for us is, he really competes. He is an outstanding blocker. You want guys who don't just show that attribute, but it's important to them to become a team player. That's a great thing about Justin. Justin was at several of practices during the season. (Ouachita coach) John Carr does such a wonderful job with these guys and gets them over and gets them around us."

LB Michael Johnson (6-2, 210) Parkview HS/Maumelle, Ark.

Berry: We wanted some size in our linebackers, some height. Obviously, he's all of 6-2. He might be a little taller than that. You'll see him play inside linebacker, but he could also be an outside guy. A very athletic guy from a great family. Just a wonderful family. (In high school) You see they blitzed him a lot. Of course, we never blitz anybody, do we coach Reffett? (laughs). This will be natural for him.

OL Dillon Jordan (6-4, 264) Rowlett HS/Rowlett, Texas

Berry: "Dillon Jordan was an early commitment for us and comes from an outstanding program over in Rowlett outside of Dallas. He's a little bigger than 264 right now but the 6-4 is accurate. He's got a nice little mean streak about him that you want on the field. A really excellent student too. (Showing a pancake block) You like to see guys finish. When you see guys finish on top, that's a good thing. He plays all five offensive line positions and when you have versatility along those lines, that's a good thing."

LB Hunter Kissinger (6-3, 210) Har-Ber HS/Springdale, Ark.

Berry: We did really well in the state of Arkansas. Coach Reffett did a great job there. He's all of 6-3 and could play inside or outside. He runs extremely well. Another really good student. He's got a really nice frame on him. Be interesting to see when it's all said and done how big he's going to end up being.

DB Mitch Lane (6-1, 200) Watson Chapel HS/Pine Bluff, Ark.

Berry: "We wanted to make sure we got some height on our safeties. We signed quite a few safeties this year in this class and all of them have good size and are physical. You'll also see their athleticism playing offense too (in high school). This guy can run."

PK Justin Manton (6-2, 166) St. Amant HS/Prairieville, La.

Berry: I think he's taller than 6-2 and a great high school basketball player. I know Coach Richard is looking at him as far as being a basketball player. He's also a draftable baseball player, so you're looking at a really fine athlete. He came to our camp and I was holding for him and I intentionally tried to mess him up. I'd give him a bad hold and do other things. He never complained or got cranky with me. Whenever I put it down there, he kicked it. He has an extremely live leg. His parents both went to school here at ULM.

RB DeVontae McNeal (5-11, 215) Quitman HS/Quitman, Texas

Berry: DeVontae McNeal is a running back who committed to us early. Most of the year, he led the state in Texas in rushing, which has some significance to it. A real powerful back. We're deep at running back right now but he fits what we thought was a need in terms of a guy who is a power running back with great balance.

OL Colby Mitchell (6-3, 290) Bartlesville HS/Bartlesville, Okla.

Berry: That's an accurate weight on him right now. He's another guy that has a real nice mean streak. Coach Vice did a really nice job in Oklahoma. He plays multiple positions across the offensive line.

DL Jackson Randle (6-2, 223) Lufkin HS/Lufkin, Texas

Berry: An edge type of player. He's got a great frame, and a big dad. Another really outstanding student from Lufkin. They've got a tremendous program down there. He's a great effort guy. You can tell the game is really important to him. He has a lot of fun playing.

OL Ben Risenhoover (6-3, 280) Jenks HS/Jenks, Okla.

Berry: He's going to be a construction management major and he's fascinated with that program. He's from a very good program in Oklahoma. We needed to get some more linemen. We signed quite a few offensive linemen last year and we're really excited about the young group we have currently. We needed to get some more because the numbers were down.

LB Cody Robinson (6-1, 200) Des Arc HS/Des Arc, Ark.

Berry: "You'll see him play him play a lot of different positions (in his highlight tape). I think some recruiting sites listed him as being a wide receiver. But we think he's going to be an outstanding outside linebacker. He's got a chance to put on a lot of weight and he's a very athletic guy. A heavy hitter. He loves the hunting down here. He's all jacked up about he's going to do."

TE Harley Scioneaux (6-6, 215) St. Charles Catholic HS/Reserve, La.

Berry: "An interesting guy here. He's all of 6-6 and might be a little taller than that. We were looking for an athletic tight end with a little height on him. We'll put some weight on him. He's a three-sport guy. He's a really good athlete for 6-6 and he's physical. He's got a really, really good frame on him."

DB Cordero Smith (6-0, 187) Naaman Forest HS/Garland, Texas

Berry: : "Cordero signed with last year's class. A lot of people don't know this but he resigned with us and was here with us in January. He tore his ACL this last summer and didn't report to school this last year. He's actually in this class and counts in this class as far as number of signees."

DB Allen Tatum (6-2, 185) Warren HS/Warren, Ark.

Berry: Allen Tatum was one of our early commitments and a big, physical good-looking guy. An outstanding student from a really good program as well. He's all of 6-2 also.

OL Joseph Treadwell (6-4, 270) Pine Bluff HS/Pine Bluff, Ark.

Berry: "Was a defensive player and kind of an intriguing guy. He moved over to offense a little bit his junior year and then played extensively his senior year. Really a big, good-looking athlete. He had an outstanding senior year. We were on him as a junior but he really had an outstanding senior year. He matured a lot physically, which you see a lot of young linemen do going into their senior year."

DB Devon White (6-1, 175) McDonogh 35 HS/New Orleans, La.

Berry: "He had a lot of recruitment. A really good student and good athlete. When I went into the school, Coach Applewhite and I were talking to him. He had all these other offers. I said, ‘What's your interest in ULM?' he said, ‘Deep.' I said, ‘Deep?' He said, ‘Real deep!' His offers were out of state but he wanted to stay in state. It was important to him to stay in state." Recommended Stories

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