Sleeper Holding ULM Offer

Sleeper Holding ULM Offer

With a population of less than 1,000, the small town of Brownsboro, Texas has a nice looking prospect that the ULM Warhawks have set their eyes on early.

Brownsboro tight end Nick Jones is a hidden gem that schools are starting to take notice of. With offers from Northwestern State and ULM, more are likely to come his way.

"ULM watched my film and really liked me but wanted to see me in person before they offered", said Jones.

"I went to the ULM camp in Independence stadium in Shreveport last week and called Coach Berry the next day and he offered me a scholarship".

"I was very excited. We have a former player that is at ULM named Tristan Warren. I called him the other day to try to find out more about the school but he hasn't gotten back to me yet".

"My mom and me got on the internet and found out that they have the major I am most interested in(communications)".

"Later this summer I am going to take an unofficial visit to the campus to get a closer look. I would like to go to school where the classes are smaller".

Nick holds offers from ULM and Northwestern State. He is attending the Oklahoma State camp tomorrow in Longview, Texas.

Jones is 6'3 and weighs 240 pounds. He benches 235, squats 465, and runs a 4.8 forty. Recommended Stories

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