ULM Practice Report: August 9th 2007

Practice Report

The Louisiana Warhawks battled the heat on Thursday afternoon while holding their first scrimmage.

The ULM Warhawks returned to field on Thursday to take part in their first scrimmage of the 2007. Score was not kept and the contact was allowed but it was just that. No take downs were allowed or at least that's how it was supposed to be, lol.

Defensive Line: I was impressed with the push and pressure our front 4 got all afternoon. Particularly on one play where we had max protection with only 2 receivers and they still busted through and put a stop to the play.

Linebackers: While Cardia Jackson was the man last year and will be again this year 2 more linebackers will emerge this season. #50 Josh Thomas has plenty of snaps with the first string defense and Chance Payne has seen lots of action as well. On one running play Tay Ogletree took the hand off and broke to the outside and cut it up to what he thought was a hole. BAM, is all you heard and the run play was over as Chance filled the hole and dropped Tay in his tracks. Newcomer Kenneth Dorsey from Mobile Al, is working out with the second string and seems to be catching on quickly.

Secondary: If you see Quintez Secka, ask him if he will lower his shoulder and take on big #88 Mitch Doyle again. I will give "Q" credit with the tackle but he paid for it with a stinger. The rest of the DB's looked good as well. Great breaks on the ball and fundamental tackling.

Quarterbacks: Kinsmon Lancaster continues to show the signs of a breakout year. When he sets his feet his throws are hard and accurate. Trey Revell shows signs of brilliance but still struggles with his control. Antron Mason is getting some reps but has a long way to go. He let go of one pass that turned into an easy pick for the defense.

Running Backs: What can I say, Calvin Dawson at times just looks like a blur. He caught a flare pass on the sideline and I swear he took 5 steps to cover 30 yards and score. Frank Goodin and Tay Ogletree look more and more comfortable then they did in the spring. Tay is cutting up field now rather than his tip toe dance he showed back in the February spring game.

Receivers: Another year under their belts and its showing. Ouachita High product LaGregory Sapp caught a WR screen pass and went untouched 50 yards for the score. TE Zeek Zacharie shocked the fans in attendance on a simple crossing pattern. With a db draped on him he caught the ball and turned up field for a 45 yard touchdown. 2 DB's had the angle on him but Zeek turned on the jets and blew them both away electrifying his offensive teammates.

Offensive Line: Steady like a rock. This unit knows what to do and when to do it. The name of the game right now is to stay healthy. No sense in getting injured in the practice. This group of guys represent the most talented O-Line ULM has ever had.

Kicking Game: Yikes! So far not so good. Deep snapper is still an issue. Scott Love is struggling with his punting as well. Some of punts have no hang time and are not covering much distance. Cole Wilson has seen some action punting the ball but the results were not much better.

Overall: I would say we look pretty good. Need to iron out the special teams but still have 3 full weeks to get that fixed. ULM has brought in 5 deep snappers so look for one to step up and take the job.

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