One Game Does Not Make A Season

Punter Scott Love

The Louisiana Warhawks went from a 17-14 halftime lead to a 35-17 final score loss at home Thursday night. While some are already pushing the panic button, there is still plenty of season left.

The ULM Warhawks might have lost the battle on Thursday night against the Tulsa Hurricane, but there were many more positives than negatives that came from it.

Let's get the negative out of the way so we can end on a positive. The loss. Yes we did lose the game and yes it was very disappointing because as fans we want to win them all. Let's face the facts though, the better team won that night. Tulsa is one of the elite teams in C-USA and they proved it with a 35-17 victory.

The ULM defense just simply ran out of fuel in the second half. The ULM offense had six second half possessions, and they all ended in a punt or turnover. Kinsmon Lancaster and company just couldn't get it going with the passing game but don't put it all on the quarterback. Wide receiver play was not good either as there were many catchable balls that were dropped. National TV nerves? Maybe, but it's over and done with and it's certainly too early to throw in the towel.

Now for the good stuff and there was plenty of that. National TV exposure, the best kind. The ULM Warhawks led off the 2007 college football season and guess who was watching? Everyone! You can't buy that kind of publicity and the fans of Northeast Louisiana did not disappoint. 22,000 plus packed Malone to watch the home team. ULM revealed it's brand new one of a kind pro play surface and man did it look great!

The ULM ground game picked right back up where it left off in 2006 gaining over 200 yards. Calvin Dawson let America know he is the real deal and will smash the ULM all time rushing record. The defense was spectacular in the first half laying out several Tulsa offensive players.

Future recruiting. The Louisiana Warhawks got their name out to the nation in a big way. ULM, oh yea, I saw them on TV last year. The Warhawks have several highly ranked quarterbacks on their radar that were tuned in to the game as well.

All the pieces are in place for ULM they just have to put it all together. Lancaster will bounce back strong and the ULM offense will put up the numbers they are capable of producing. These next games will be a challenge but nothing this team can't over come. Last year the Warhawks came within two 2 point conversions of beating Kansas and Kentucky on the road with a younger less experienced team.

Remember when I said Tulsa was the better team that night? That's right, this ULM team is just as good and talented and they will get to prove it. Just keep your eyes focused on the prize, the New Orleans Bowl. Don't forget, the Sun Belt conference #1 takes on the C-USA #5 so who knows, these two teams could meet again. Recommended Stories

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