Curry Close To Decision ?

Tim Curry

Returning from his official visit to the campus of Louisiana Monroe, Tim Curry talks about how his college decision could come as early as this week.

"My visit to ULM was a really good one", said Curry. I get along really good with the coaches at ULM, they go out of their way to make you feel welcome.

"ULM feels like I would be a very good fit for the offense that they run. I sat down with quarterbacks coach Jonas Weatherbie and we watched some film together. He was impressed in that I was able to read most of the defensive coverage's that I saw on film".

"Most high school quarterbacks come in and use a red shirt to learn the offense but ULM would like for me to come in and compete for the starting job as a true freshman. I think using a red shirt can be beneficial but at the same time if the quarterback position is open then I would be ready to compete for it".

"Overall it was just a very positive trip, I was able to get on campus and get a good feel about how I would fit in at ULM".

Could a decision be coming sooner rather than later? "I think so", said Curry, maybe within the next week. I have an in home visit with UTEP head coach Mike Price tonight. I am looking forward to sitting down with him and talking about how I would fit into their future".

Curry says that after his visit to ULM this weekend and his in home visit with UTEP he should have a "solid decision soon". "I would say at this point that it is between ULM and UTEP". Recommended Stories

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