Someone's Getting A Steal

Calvin Dawson

ULM's all time leading rusher Calvin Dawson was invited to the very elite NFL Combine this past February. Why didn't the sleeper work out for scouts?

It was the biggest moment of his life, proving himself for NFL scouts at the invite only 2008 NFL combine in Indianapolis. ULM's Calvin Dawson didn't get a chance to do that though.

After being evaluated by all 32 team doctors(every player goes through this) Calvin was all clear to perform except by one doctor. Dawson suffered a mild stinger against Arkansas State during the 2007 season but returned to the game later. An MRI performed before his workout at the combine showed a small herniated disk in his neck.

"I was very grateful that the doctor found that because if I had gotten hit just right I could have been injured worse on down the line. On the other hand I was extremely disappointed I could not work out for the scouts. I felt great and wanted to work out for those guys but the doctors wouldn't clear me".

"I had surgery to have the disk repaired and it was 100% successful. I am full strength again and am returning to Houston this week to continue my training before the draft. I will hold private workouts for scouts in Houston and back in Monroe".

"Baltimore was talking to me the most during the season and while I was at the combine, St. Louis, Arizona, Washington, and Oakland were talking to me quite a bit".

Calvin Dawson is ULM's all time leading rusher and rushed for 100 yards or more against BCS schools Kansas, Kentucky, Alabama, Arkansas, Clemson, and Texas A&M. He had a string of 10 straight 100 yard rushing games, the longest streak in the nation in 2007. Recommended Stories

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