Hawk Talons 8-21-09

Cody Wells

Updates from today's morning practice at Malone Stadium. The Warhawks continued to try and find a solid #2 quarterback as well as several incoming freshman not dressing due to the NCAA clearing house.

Updates from today's morning practice.

-- It seems that the starting offensive line is beginning to take shape. (LT) Mitch Doyle, (LG) Justin Roberts, (C) Brett Thompson, (RG) Jonathan Gill, (RT) Ryan Dercher. Keavon Milton and Alvin Jordan were the TE's working with the first team.

--Darrell McNeal and Cody Wells continued to take reps as the #2 quarterback. A.J. DeGroot was the center for the second team and had been working with the first team. He needs to work on his snaps out of the shotgun, they were sailing on him.

--Current 2nd team offensive line. (LT) Adam Bertrand, (LG) Andrew Stout, (C)A.J DeGroot, (RG) Christian Lyrse, (RT) Anthony Montgomery. Big question is what happened to Doug Stroud, he was out there but wasn't running with the 1's or 2's. It's obvious the offensive line is still a work and progress and wouldn't be surprised to see more changes.

--The 3-3-5 defense looks like it invites teams to run right up the middle but there is so much movement and deception our RB's couldn't find many holes to run through. Lot's and lot's of movement, can see where it will cause problems for opposing offenses.

--Trey Revell looked really good today and poised in the pocket. He hooked up with Darrell McNeil on a 75 yard skinny post for a touchdown on the first play of scrimmage. Later he hit Julian Griffin on a nice 25 yard out pattern in between the LB's and Safeties.

--Nick Hawkins has a herniated disk and will be out at least 2 more weeks. He is going through physical therapy to try and avoid surgery.

--Otis Peterson, Jyruss Edwards, and Robert Nelson were all in shorts and a t-shirt denied practice because of the NCAA clearing house. I look for all three to red shirt as well as Hawkins.

--I spotted Jordan Selexman but he did not participate with the WR's. He was running circles around the field practicing his footwork. He looks to be another red shirt.

--Chad Brown was not at practice and neither was LaGregory Sapp. Brown has a foot issue but did not hear why about Sapp. I assume(hope) he was excused for school.

--Isiaih Newsome was one of the few backs that did find a crease in our defense as he busted it right up the middle and probably would have scored on a long run.

--Ken Dorsey continues to work out with the D-Line and was running with the third team along with Rahvi Smith and Thomas Robinson.

--Cardia Jackson was dressed in full pads but spent most of practice working out on the bike keeping loose. C.C. Carpenter took his place along side Josh Thomas and has solidified himself as the next in line.

--James Truxillo is a senior and a captain but that didn't keep defensive coordinator Troy Reffett from lighting into him. The defense forced a fumble and Trux had 2 opportunities to scoop it and go in for the touchdown but couldn't come up with the football. "That's the difference in a win and a loss", Reffett quipped.

--Overall I would say the guys were fresh and looked good out there. The partial day off the previous day due to weather seems to have given the guys fresher legs.

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