Instant Feedback: Players React To News

Aaron Munoz

ULM football players past and present react to the news that Charlie Weatherbie would not have his contract renewed.

ULM's all time rushing leader Calvin Dawson

"I had no idea until just now", said Dawson. I am surprised but at the same time every program goes through something like this. He was a great coach who turned us around.

"Personally he did so much for me in my life and I will never forget him. The thing I will remember most about Coach is he always stayed positive. He could always find the good in the bad. I wish him well".

ULM sophomore DE Troy Evans

"He has been here a while so it's tough but sometimes change is better. I am just going to go with their decision and see what happens".

I think we are at a point where we are ready to move forward and make the best of the situation. In the same way though this is the man that recruited me to play for ULM. He invited me into his family and his home. I will miss him".

ULM freshman QB Aaron Munoz

"Shocking", said Munoz. I didn't know much about it but it's going to be weird not seeing him around here anymore".

Really I think we are just already ready for next year. We ended on a bad note. I had no idea until I saw it on WarhawkNation this morning".

Sophomore CB Nate Brown on the news

"I want to get into coaching when I am done playing so I know this kind of stuff happens but it's really tough when it does", and emotional Brown said.

It really hits me hard because I am so grateful that I am here and it is because of Coach Weatherbie. Nobody knew who I was but Luke Wells showed Coach Weatherbie my film and they drove 8 hours out to Texas to come see me. They offered me a scholarship and gave me a chance when no one else would".

"From the field to the classroom he always was involved and you don't see many coaches like that. I'm gonna really miss him".

ULM Sophomore WR Luther Ambrose

"It's said", said Ambrose. He recruited me here so it makes it that much tougher. One of my teammates told me this morning but I couldn't believe it. I am disappointed just like him".

Former ULM CB Darrius Battles

"It's a business", said Battles and you have to look at it that way. I mean coming from where we were, 6-6 is ok but I guess they were ready to get to the next level.

I am not too shocked about it. We should have finished better than we did. At 6-4 I thought we would get to 7 wins but it didn't pan out".

I hate to see him go but you can't release the players, someone has to take the fall and it's the head coach.

It's time for us to get some rings around here". Recommended Stories

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