Signing Day Chat With ULM OC Steve Farmer

Luke Russell

With Todd Berry in as head coach, former ULM assistant Steve Farmer returned to the staff after one season at Illinois State. The new offensive coordinator fielded a few questions from Warhawk Nation about the latest offensive recruits on Signing Day.

LETLOW: Offensive line has been your area of expertise. Are the linemen you just signed for future use or expected to contribute right away?

FARMER: You'd love to sign freshmen out of high school and say they're going to redshirt. Unfortunately at ULM in the past, I've been put in positions to get them ready. There might be one or two this year that have to do that. I think there are a couple who might be more advanced than the other kids.

LETLOW: Who are those players?

FARMER: Josh Allen, Demiere Burkett are two right off the top of my head. I think physically as a weight and height and level of play they've been in, they might be ready to do that. But still, you're biting off a lot when you go line up versus Auburn. That's a big step, I don't care where you played in high school.

The good thing is, we signed those junior college kids. I know the two kids who are already in the program now have really been impressive in the weight room with they way they're working and their athleticism. I hope for the same thing from Patrick Dvoracek.

LETLOW: Not a huge emphasis on skill players in this class. But a kid like Luke Russell catches your eye.

FARMER: He's intriguing. You watch that highlight tape and you see he can scoot 'em a little bit. He can change direction and he has this lateral move that he does that's very effective in high school. You hope that translates into his college career. The neat thing is, he's so gung-ho about the university and ULM, about Coach Berry and about our program. That always helps to have a good player who is truly passionate about what we're doing here at ULM.

LETLOW: Who else fits the playmaker mode?

FARMER: Jeron Hamm is a big tall receiver. He didn't catch a lot of balls, but I know the previous staff had him into one of the camps and Coach Vance Vice knew a lot about him. You get his tape and you can tell he's in a run-first offense. You have limited opportunities to see him go get a ball. But after being around him and his family, he's a great character kid and wonderful academically. Academics is important to him and his family. On top of that, in what you do get to see, he's a good football player.

LETLOW: Russell and Hamm are two totally different receivers aren't they? One gives you the run after catch and the other is a tall, physical player.

FARMER: It's probably good to have one of each in every class to be honest with you. You don't want to look up and not have any Luther Ambroses in the program. You don't want to not have any LaGregory Sapps or Drouzon Quillens in the program either. Those kids can change games for you. Recommended Stories

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